Learn Science Projects

The activities here are fun because they arise from a fun dynamic in which the monitor develops a game that interacts with the recipient, whether a child, adolescent, an adult or an older person. And they are teaching because we use resources more effectively so that the recipients understand them easily.

Resources and Materials

All workshops have been prepared by graduates, and have adapted to different ages of the recipients. In addition,  instructors are always experts in the workshops presented. But more importantly, the recipients of the activity involved in it, having fun, because that’s how it makes the activity a success: the workshops met their educational function.

Workshops and goals

Workshops Earth Sciences

Volcanoes, Earth’s inner strength .- To know the parts that divides the interior of the planet Earth. Learn the processes leading to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and know why they occur.

The formation of minerals .- Knowing what is an atom and a molecule. Learn what is a crystalline structure. Compare the different crystal structures of minerals.

Architecture Workshops

The Children’s House .- How entienenden children home? Known as Building, foundation, roof, facade, envelope that protects us.Knowing what parts where they should be located.

The City of Children .- To know the different houses that make up the city, which is not suitable for houses that lived there, like the house of healing, house of knowledge, etc.. The public spaces, such as the plaza, park, etc.

Astronomy Workshop

Build your own planetarium .- Learn the key features of the Solar System. Compare the size of the bodies that form. Knowing the orbits of the planets and the distances between the bodies of the Solar System.

Jupiter and its Satellites .- Learn the key features of the planet Jupiter. Understand what is a gaseous planet and its moons are rocky. Knowing the Galilean satellites, their characteristics and positions.

Create your own Lunar Crater .- Show the formation of Solar System bodies. Learn from the example of the Moon impact rate can take place. Learn the main features of the lunar surface (name, features, etc …).
We found The Sun – Knowing the parts where the sun is divided Compare the size of the bodies forming the solar system with our star. Learn the processes taking place in the sun and that affect our planet.

The Dance of the Seasons .- Knowing that the axis of rotation of the Earth is tilted. Knowing the translational motion of the earth.Learn the causes of the seasons in each hemisphere of the earth.