6th Grade Science Fair Projects


All students who involve themselves in a science fair learn a lot. The majority of schools encourage sixth grade students to participate in the  fair projects and make their own projects. If you are having difficulty deciding what study to make, you can use these experiments as your guide:

This is intended to find out how bread mold evolves and in what way, using only simple materials. The first thing you need to do is to remove the dust from the floor using a cotton swab. Then you can proceed to wiping the dust on a single slice of bread. Add 5-6 drops of water on a slice of bread and put it in tight plastic bag. Make sure that it is properly closed, and place it in a milk carton that has few drops of milk still left in it. You can use adhesive tape to seal the carton and set aside for about 20-48 hours. After the given period, remove the bread from the carton but be sure that you are wearing protective gloves. You will find out that the piece of bread is covered with different kinds of mold. Make a good illustration about this.

However, you can make additional experiment out of this  like investigating the kind of situations where mold spread quickly and what situations or factors can cause its growth to slow down.

You can also consider another possible study. This study is intended to prove how forest fires can improve the regrowth of forests. Although most countries try to address their concern on forest fires but they can actually promote good regrowth of forest areas. To find out how, make three miniature forests using bark, soil, and leaves, with seeds placed in a plant box. Select a miniature forest to use as the setting for forest fire through burning the bark and leaves. Spread the ashes on one of the miniature forests. Water them regularly and place the tiny forests where they can get enough sunlight and later compare which of these develops better. You can use the small forest with ashes to help you with your analysis on how a forest develops when only the seeds and ashes are left. You can make an interesting study on this.

An additional project you can work on is by determining how temperature influences gas production. You may already be familiar with the fizzling reaction that appears when an Alka-Seltzer tablet is placed in water. This experiment illustrates a chemical reaction involved in the production of carbon dioxide. Through this, you will discover if temperature has an impact on the quantity of gas produced and examine how long each reaction lasts.