Earth Science Projects


3 Useful Ideas

The education of students is stimulating . Since there are numerous topics available, then you will not have any difficulty trying to figure out the kind of project to choose. If you prefer to tackle this type of projects, you can find these suggestions helpful:

Demonstrate distribution of the seafloor
Through science research, you will be able to illustrate how the earth’s plates work and you can make a good project out of this. The materials you will need for the study include a piece of paper, a pair of scissors, serrated knife, an empty oatmeal box (round form). Divide the paper into two and into strips in half-inch lengthwise. Using a knife, cut up a slit that measures around 0.64cm x 12.5cm on the box. Gather the strips of paper and push them through the slit you made. Place the opposite end portions of the strips and divide them over the surface of the box. The experiment can be interpreted this way: the box represents the mid-ocean ridge, and the slit symbolizes the rift valley, a fissure located on the earth’s crust. The fracture causes the molten rocks to escape and spread on the borders of the mid-ocean form. When another material relocates, the crust also tends to move away; and the process demonstrates the distribution of the seabed.

Illustrate if limestone is capable of protecting pine trees from acid rain
Limestone is often considered beneficial to grasses and other shrubberies since it helps to enrich soil. In a science research, you can look for other benefits of limestone to plants and find out if limestone can protect pine trees from acid rain effects. You can also consider this idea. If you are to make an experiment on this, prepare two pine trees in a pot and fertilize them with sufficient amount of limestone. Replicate a mixture for acid rain and spread one potted pine with it while the other with limestone and tap water only. It may take four weeks before the acid rain solution spreads on your experimental tree. Observe the tree’s condition daily, and note your findings. You can also derive your conclusion after a period of time you set.

Find out which is more acidic – acid rain or acid snow
Almost all people know about acid rain; though, acid snow is a possible weather occurrence. But, you can still try researching about this and discover which of these two has more acid content. While doing the research, you may be interested to include this on your project. You can make approximation on the quantity of acid in the rain or snow in your place by making use of pH papers; while the pH level can be used to evaluate the results. These materials may be obtained from any science supply sellers or possibly in pharmacies.
It is best if you understand the different theories involving earth especially those that are related to your experiment because it will help you to explain the results of your investigation better.