Fifth Grade Science Projects


What Should a Fifth Grader Learn ?

In the primary levels, the 5th graders are quite more mature but they still need assistance and guidance. They are on a certain stage where they begin to have a better understanding of things and they are no longer as restless as those students in the lower grade levels. The  projects should be completed within a short period of time, the weekends if possible. The students under this age bracket are more eager to learn through experiments.

Projects must be in such a way that most of the task should be done by the students themselves. Through experiments, the students will be able to learn and improve their skills in hypothesizing, observing, collecting data and analyzing them, taking measurement, scientific drawing, problem solving, graphing, note taking, and using the Internet for research.

With so many things they need to accomplish, a support from their parents is an advantage. The schools requires assessment  so they should finish their projects. However, group projects are also assigned to them – the purpose is to enhance their association with the group and to develop team spirit.Projects may also be judged based on the presentation, so that care is necessary in awarding additional points for the deserving students’s effort.

Projects also involve experiments on plants to see if it is possible for plants to thrive even in a polluted environment. The purpose is to conserve the space on the earth.
The experiment of chemical volcano eruption may also be included. The students need to know the appropriate amount of baking soda and vinegar.
In addition, projects can also include a few experiments to find out if colored lights really affect the growth of seeds.

Another great  project is by creating a food pyramid with corresponding colors for health. The purpose is to make the students learn the benefits of the balanced diet in a person’s overall health. The orange color represents grains, red for fruits, green for vegetables, purple for fish, meat, etc., blue for milk and other dairy products, and yellow color for fats and oils.

Likewise, the use of milk carton to make traffic lights can be an exciting experiment. The objective of this project is to give the students ideas on traffic safety; tips on traffic can be discussed here.

A number of projects require thorough Web research. Duplicity is possible because the project you will likely choose is also available for other people who are doing the same project; however, it should be avoided. It is true that a lot of Web sites provide concept for the projects, just try to find reliable review sites and think about their suggestions on how you can make an excellent work.