Science Activities for Kids


Get kids interested in science is difficult for many parents who can not find the proper way to turn knowledge into an interesting activity and keep the attention of their children.

So I bring you two simple science experiments for children, but they are good to initiate them in the world of science. They only require some supervision and can be made almost single-handedly, allowing some independence begin to acquire.

The explanations are not incorporating enough to make these experiments to provide satisfactory answers children. However, it also can be the beginning of an interest in the science field for children.

The first only requires 3 eggs, 3 small glasses and an object to put on them. The video (is in spanish) will give clear and detailed instructions on how to carry out the experiment that will surely impress more than one kid to demonstrate the incredible strength of a raw egg.

The second is an easy way to explain to children that although we can not see or touch the air has weight.


  • tape
  • a pencil or marker
  • a rule
  • 2 pieces of wood or plastic 30 cm in length
  • 2 identical balloons, preferably of different colors
  • 2 cups or cans of soda at the same height


Mark the center of the two rods. Place one on the 2 cans and place a balloon on each end of the other rod.

Support the center of the rod that holds the balloon on which is suspended over the cans.

The rod remains horizontal with balloons because balloons have the same weight.

Then one of the balloons inflate and support the rod back into the same point in the previous step.

We can see that now the rod is tilted toward the side where is the balloon containing air inside, showing that the air if you weigh.