Science Projects for 8th graders


An interesting and impressive  project is not only one of the best ways to earn good grades but also a nice way to showcase your interests. When it comes to ideas, there are a lot of interesting things that you can do. You can try your hands at a fun-filled project that not only shows your scientific knowledge but also your creativity.

8th graders are not expected to come up with original ideas for their projects. They are, however, required to present their project in the best way possible, and maybe add something new to the whole idea. You can pick up a project that has been used before and present it in your own, unique way. Try to avoid very large, flashy projects as those would need too many details and you would be explaining a lot of things. The best are ones that are interesting, well focused yet easy to explain to everyone.

Here are 5 interesting ideas :

1) The effects of different types of music on performance – This project will try and understand if some genres of music have a better effect on performance than others. Does one type of music make you work better? Does loud music interfere with your output? There are a lot of things to explore here and this idea makes for a fun and interesting project.

2) Burning rate of white candles vs. colored candles – Do white and colored candles burn at a different rate? If yes, which ones last longer, and by how much? This project tries to study the burning rate of candles of different colors and tries to determine which candles last longer. The idea is again an interesting one and something that can help people make more economical choices. This is one of the most useful.

3) Effects of light on seed germination – Does lighting have any effect on germination of seeds? Do harsh lights have a bad effect? Does soft lighting help? Is some alteration the best idea? This is fun, interesting and informative.

4) Amount of light in a fish tank and the changes in color of goldfish – Does the amount of lighting in a fish tank affect the color of a goldfish? Do goldfish change colors under different lightings? What, then, is the true color of a goldfish?

5) Types of bread mold – What are the different types of molds that grow on breads? Is one type of mold specific to one particular type of bread? Will the mold change if the bread is changed but the surroundings are the same? The bread mold experiment is one of the oldest and most popular one, but people have always been interested. This project will never lose their touch.

Projects are usually all about designing an experiment and not merely making models or explaining things. They are accompanied with proper data, usually presented in the form of graphs and tables. Posters are almost always a part of the project and typed reports are very essential.