Science Projects for Class 7


Science holds unique proportions in all are lives and when all of us hear the term science it astonishes us. But the bottom line the development of it is vital as then only the nation and the world will progress. So this brings us to the question on how to start the process of development of it. First and foremost the children should be encouraged to take up science in a big way. With regards to this aspect the project should be given to each and every individual from a young age so that the creativity aspect can be stressed upon and in recent times an exhibition was held in India.

In the aspect of creating this activity a lot of efforts are involved a lot of work as well as equipment are required for starting a project. So how does one go about purchasing these items? Considering the boom of science in general lot of online stores have come up which gives us a sense of ease and comfort in the first place. Another factor which goes in favor of such stores is that lot of discounts as well as price factors can be ascertained. In all the process the key is to go for a project which will help all of us. Research leads to a point that the project for this class, is the turning point for most children.

Projects stresses on quite a few areas namely energy, environment which are very important areas of research and study. The government too has laid a lot of emphasis on this domain of study. In recent times there is a meet of all the schools as well as exhibitions were different projects are brought and the students are encouraged to participate and enhance the skills. The basis of such meet is to bring all on a common platform and showcase the skills. In fact these have been a huge success in the recent times.

So what are the common experiments which are doing the rounds? In the first place there is a project of air water battery which generates electricity using a unique method. The electricity which is generated through this medium can go to the extent of even lighting a bulb and its features can be enhanced by adding oxygen. The key thing which needs to be understood is how the amount of salt as well as oxygen can affect the level of electricity. If age is an indicator these projects are recommended in the age group of 11 to 18 years.

Another project which is famous is wooden generator. This is very famous and in this magnet inside a coil is pinned and the net result is electricity. The beauty of this experiment is that the electricity which is produced through this medium is so high that it can light the bulb but the core and the most important thing is the magnet. This is an experiment recommended for the age group of 13 to 18 years. All this leads to one major point that science has lot of advantages and is evolving on a daily basis.