Solar System Projects


What is this?

This is an activity designed for children 10 to 11 years, and should always be supervised by an adult. It’s about building a small model that the children can then take home to their parents without burdening them too expensive … you know, the problem of space. Children have to paint, cut and paste, so they have a lot of fun! They also learn the main features of the planets in the SolarSystem..

We should clarify that the current concept of solar system is not the same that had formerly, when considered as such a machine to reproduce the system with planets in motion. Now consider that a planetary device simulates the night sky on the inside of a hemispherical dome. Some of these are portable or mobile planetariums. That is, can be moved where needed to teach astronomy to people.

How to build a planetarium?

Equipment needed

1) We draw on a folio-size paper the orbits of the eight planets. To make everything fit  very good, we must draw them the way we pictured below:

2) A thick cork base folio-sized or slightly larger.

3) For the planets wen need eight  porexpan balls in four different sizes, or else we can do it with plasticine. We recommend these sizes, but others can be used depending on available stocks:

  • Mercury and Mars, two small 30.
  • Venus and Earth, two small 40.
  • Uranus and Neptune, two medium 60.
  • Jupiter and Saturn, two 90.

4) Paint colors and brushes.
5) Silver or gold cardstock for the rings of Saturn, and a CD .
6) Blunt scissors and glue without solvent, which does not destroy the porexpan. Also a fine hacksaw with the blade.
7) Eight wooden sticks.

Time and Patience. Good Luck!

Let’s get to work!

First we hit the paper with the orbits of the eight planets drawn on the cork.

Then, carefully, all the balls pierced his skewer sticks, except Saturn, because there will be cut in half with a cutter (this point needs to be done by an adult) and then put the rings.

We subjected the balls by the skewer stick, and began painting with watercolors as closely as possible to the real planets. We can look at a book.

Every time we finish painting a planet, we click it on its corresponding orbit. This way we will avoid stains.

Then carefully, we mark a circle with the CD in silver or gold card, with which we will make the ring of Saturn, and then paste it between the two halves of the ball porexpan

Paint Saturn, we click it and then we are Ready! We already have our planetarium, ready to take home !

We hope you find it amusing.